Retirement villages across Australia provide comfortable accommodation, where residents are welcomed into a safe and supportive community. With over 184,000 seniors calling retirement villages home, there’s a reason for this.

Free to do whatever you want in a secure community with like-minded people, the lifestyle and companionship that comes with retirement living challenges the idea of retirement. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Facilities & Services

After years of working hard, moving into a retirement village allows you to live the life that you deserve. Retirement villages are purpose built to support convenient living and enhance your lifestyle, with many offering a range of onsite facilities and optional services. Enjoy easy access to swimming pools, bowling greens, hairdressing salons, podiatrists, restaurants and cafes, and more.

Every retirement village is different, so if you are looking for certain services and facilities, ensure that you find out whether they are offered before you make your decision. Live comfortably knowing that you reside in a safe and secure community, without unnecessary stresses.  


Whilst convenient access to amenities will make your life easier, the lifestyle and companionship gained through social activities improve quality of  life and wellbeing. A great way to socialise without having to travel out of your way, combat loneliness and enjoy the group activities offered onsite such as tennis, arts & crafts and aerobics, or organise events with your fellow residents.  Although there are many enjoyable onsite facilities and group activities, the advantages of retirement living mean that you only participate when you want to. Free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, split your time between watching your favourite movie in the comfort of your own home or connecting with like-minded people within your community.

Whether you choose to live an active or relaxed lifestyle, different retirement villages across Australia provide different opportunities, and you simply need to choose what works for you.  


Community Living

Moving to a retirement village can cut costs in terms of costly bills and travel expenses. Combine this financial freedom with the opportunity to be part of a supportive community and you may find an overall improvement in your well being and overall happiness. The common problem of social isolation as we age is counteracted by the opportunities for social interaction and community support offered by the village and other residents. Rest assured that help is at hand should it be required, providing you with peace of mind during the years that you dedicate to your personal health and happiness.

As already mentioned, it’s important that you make your decision based on your own personal circumstances, and what matters to you. To compare a number of different retirement villages in Australia, use our online comparison tool to help you with your research and decision making process.