Planning to move into a retirement community (distinct from residential aged care)? We understand that this is a significant decision and it’s one you want to get right.


Whilst the decision is really about lifestyle, and not investment, it’s important to us and our participating village operators that the fees are transparent, so that you can be well informed.


Founded by a lawyer experienced in retirement villages, who has advised both residents and operators, we’re Australia’s first and only website to independently and comprehensively compare retirement villages including their lifestyle features and fees.


For non-rental properties, our departure entitlement calculator gives you an estimate of what you could expect to receive when you leave after 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 years of residency.


Once you’ve compared selected retirement living properties, you’ll be able to make an enquiry from our website directly to the village operator for more information about any properties of interest.


Specifically, this is how it works:

1.     Search to reveal generic accommodation types and view any available properties

2.     Compare selected accommodation types of interest and print your comparisons

3.     Enquire about accommodation type or available property of interest to the village operator (the village operator pays us a small fee per enquiry)


We’re dedicated to helping you prepare for this important stage in your life by making it as easy and transparent as possible to compare retirement villages.


We try to ensure all content is correct and up-to-date, however we recommend that you make your own enquiries with the village operator and get expert legal and financial advice before you decide. If you are researching in advance, you should note that information may have changed when you decide to move in.